4 Great Tips for the Best Botox Injections in Merrifield Virginia

Best Botox Injections in Merrifield

Botox is one of the most effective wrinkle-reducing treatments available, reducing lines on the forehead, around the eyes, and other areas.

To get the best Botox injections in Merrifield, Virginia, follow these four easy tips!

  • Avoid Certain Things Before and After Botox Injections

Unfortunately, there’s quite a bit that can interact negatively with your Botox injections. This includes alcohol, nicotine, and even some medications or supplements. NSAIDs like aspirin and supplements like fish oil or green tea extract can cause or worsen side effects such as bruising.

  • It’s All About Your Injector When It Comes to Cosmetic Botox

For the best Botox injections in Merrifield, Virginia, you need the best aesthetic injector. Take the time to find a reputable, board-certified injector who has plenty of experience. Do this by researching their credentials, verifying their certifications, and reading up on reviews.

  • Leave the Injection Site Alone

Aftercare is an important part of getting superb Botox results. One of the most important pieces of advice you’ll receive, both by your injector and online, is to leave the treatment area alone. Applying pressure to the injection site, tugging on your skin, and even laying down too soon can cause the product to migrate.

  • Limit Your Sun Exposure

UV exposure isn’t ideal for your skin anyway, worsening things like wrinkles and pigmentation spots. It’s especially important to avoid the sun after Botox, which can cause your skin to flush and increase your blood pressure, resulting in bruising.

It’s best to avoid UV exposure and, if you can’t, wear a sunscreen with a high SPF and / or protective garments.

For the Best Botox Injections in Merrifield, Virginia, There’s Just One Thing to Do

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