How Much Is Rhinoplasty in Merrifield Virginia?

Rhinoplasty is a life-changing procedure that many people seek, however navigating the costs associated with plastic surgery can be intimidating.

So, just how much a rhinoplasty / nose job costs in Merrifield, Virginia? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Rhinoplasty? Is It the Same Thing as a Nose Job?

A nose job is the casual or slang term for rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure performed for both medical and aesthetic purposes.

Rhinoplasties can correct multiple aesthetic concerns such as asymmetry, disproportionate sizing, narrow or wide nostrils, bumps in the nose bridge, crookedness, and deformities. It can also fix functional concerns, such as deviated septums, injuries, and breathing issues.

A non-surgical nose job with dermal fillers or other cosmetic services is another option that is more affordable but offers less dramatic results and can only address aesthetic issues.

How Much Is Rhinoplasty / Nose Job Cost in Merrifield, Virginia? Is It Expensive?

One of the first questions you might ask your plastic surgeon is, “How much is rhinoplasty / nose job cost in Merrifield, Virginia?” The reality is that the cost of rhinoplasty varies quite a bit.

The average cost of a nose job in 2022 is $7,775 according to RealSelf. Your personal surgery could cost more, but it could even cost less depending on various factors. Typically, the price quoted covers only the procedure itself.

You should also take into account variables such as surgeon’s fee, the cost of anesthesia and other medications, follow-up appointments, and the extent of your surgery.

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