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Best Medical Grade Facials in Fairfax

Best Medical Grade Facials in Fairfax: 4 Key Benefits

A medical grade facial can have a drastic impact on the appearance of your skin. These facials can be used to address a wide variety of concerns depending on the type you choose, including acne scars, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

Keep reading to learn about four key benefits of the best medical grade facials in Fairfax.

Four Benefits of the Best Medical Grade Facials

These days there are plenty of at-home facials, but these products rarely produce amazing results. If you’re looking to transform your skin, you’ll want to undergo a medical grade treatment to really see a difference. Here are the top four benefits of professional grade facials like microdermabrasion.

  • Versatility: There are many different types of medical grade facials, which means that there’s sure to be one that addresses your skin concerns. From breakouts to dry skin to wrinkles, treatments are extremely versatile.
  • Customization: Everyone has very unique skin. Medical grade facials are customizable in that certain topical products, such as serums, can be added to the treatment to best target your skin issues.
  • Safety: Medical grade facials are safe and effective, especially because they’re performed by an experienced professional. At-home facials pose risks, including burns and hyperpigmentation, especially if they’re applied incorrectly to the skin.
  • Long-term results: Traditional facials typically offer temporary benefits. However, medical grade options are designed to provide longer lasting results. This is because these treatments address underlying skin issues and promote collagen production as well as new skin cells.

The Secret to the Best Medical Grade Facials in Fairfax Is to Choose Our Aesthetics Team!

Rejuvenating your skin has never been easier. With a medical grade facial provided by our aesthetic professionals, you can feel more confident than ever.

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