Why Have a Neck or Facelift?

The neck and lower third of the face can change significantly with age. The result is a squarer appearance of the facial profile, discontinuity of the youthful jawline aesthetic, and sagging excess skin of the neck. Another common finding that occurs with the aging face is the increasing prominence of the platysma muscle bands of the neck. Using safe and proven techniques, Dr. Kim can restore the youthful appearance of the lower face and neck for a long-lasting result without a pulled or sweeping look. During your facelift, excess fat under the chin can be removed uniformly using liposuction techniques for a smooth and more youthful neckline. If you have a short or weak chin, a chin implant can be inserted as well.

When you come for facelift Fairfax, VA consultation with Dr. Kim, he listens to what bothers you the most. He then examines the face and neck systemically and offers an individualized plan. If the appearance of either the jawline or the neck is more bothersome, the procedure can be modified to focus on either or both areas, sometimes with shorter incisions or less extensive surgery to shorten recovery time.


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Neck & Facelift fairfax, Va Common questions

Bleeding after surgery is a risk. If it builds up into a hematoma and causes excess swelling, it may require drainage. Transient or permanent numbness, especially around the ears, may occur. A rare complication is damage to a nerve that moves certain facial muscles. Other known risks include skin necrosis and infection. No procedure is without risk, but Dr. Kim uses safe and effective techniques to minimize risks and achieve the best possible result for every patient.

Maintaining good physical health is important to optimize surgical outcomes. Refrain from smoking for four weeks before and four weeks after surgery. Cigarette smoke decreases the body’s ability to heal, and given the extensive dissection of facelift surgery, patients who smoke are at increased risk of poor healing, skin infections, and necrosis. Also refrain from medications that increase the chances of bleeding. These include aspirin, ibuprofen, and blood thinners like Warfarin, as well as certain vitamins and supplements such as vitamin E, ginger, fish oil, and gingko biloba.

No, the incisions are placed carefully around the ears and hidden along and slightly behind the hairline so that hair will grow through the incisions and minimize the appearance of scars. There is a small incision under the chin that heals well and is barely visible.

The process of recovery can vary from patient to patient. The face and neck will feel tight and swollen. During the first few days, head and chin straps should be worn to decrease the swelling, except when washing. The amount of pain can vary, but some prescription pain medicine will be given for the first few days, after which extra strength Tylenol will be enough. Light walking is encouraged the day after surgery to prevent blood clots. Patients can work up their activity level to light exercise by 2-3 weeks and full activity by 4 weeks. Most patients go back to work within 2 weeks of surgery.

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