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Deep Plane Facelift Surgery Guide to the Best Results Near DC

Deep Plane Facelift Surgery Guide to the Best Results Near DC

There is a lot to consider when getting plastic surgery, including choosing a surgeon and preparing for your procedure.

Before you make your first appointment, be sure to read this deep plane facelift surgery guide to the best results near DC. It explains valuable information you need to know!

Four Quick Tips to Choose a Facelift Surgeon

Use this as a reference when looking for a surgeon:

  1. Verify the surgeon is certified by reputable boards like the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and ask questions about their experience with the procedure.
  2. Be sure the surgical facility is accredited and equipped with modern technology for safe and quality care.
  3. Read reviews from previous patients to gauge satisfaction levels.
  4. Schedule consultations with multiple surgeons to assess their approach, communication style, and your comfort level.

Is It Important to Prepare for a Consultation?

Yes, it is! Before this initial appointment, write down any questions you may have. Bring information about your medical history including a list of your current medications. You can also bring photos of examples so your surgeon knows what you want.

Prepare to share expectations and desired outcomes. Lastly, you may want to review your budget and financing options during your consultation.

Do I Need to Prepare for Surgery Too?

The main purpose of this deep plane facelift surgery guide to the best results near DC is making sure you are informed. While your surgeon provides you with full instructions on how to prepare for a facelift, you can use this as a guide. 

Since health insurance likely will not cover the procedure, your first step in making sure you have financials squared away. Be sure you understand payment options, and have applied for and been approved for financing if needed. 

You may be asked to stop blood thinning medications and to get medical clearance to do so. If you smoke, three to four weeks before surgery is a great time to quit. Tobacco interferes with your body’s ability to heal. 

Fill any prescriptions you have before the procedure, plan for a ride home afterward, and arrange for help at home during your recovery. 

Deep Plane Facelift Surgery Guide to the Best Results Near DC: The Secret Revealed!

All of the above mentioned information is quite important, but even more so is your recovery. During this time, practice patience. Be sure to follow aftercare guidelines carefully, attend all follow up appointments as scheduled, and allow yourself time to heal properly. Here is what you can expect:

  • Week one: You may experience varying levels of pain, swelling, and bruising, which can persist for several weeks. Swelling typically fluctuates but gradually subsides after day five. Take pain medication as prescribed.
  • Week two: At this point, you should see steady daily improvement. Most patients resume social activities by week three when incisions can be concealed by hair, makeup can be applied, and patients can return to light exercise. There may still be swelling.
  • One to three months: Remarkable improvement in appearance, swelling, and tightness occurs during this time. Your face and neck movement feels more natural. Lumps, tightness, and slight asymmetries are gradually resolving. After three months, swelling decreases significantly, incisions start to fade, and sensation returns though some numbness persists.
  • Six months and beyond: Your final outcome begins to emerge at the six-month mark. You should see more defined cheekbones, jawline, and neckline. Skin feels soft with some restored sensation. A bit of numbness may persist, but incisions become unnoticeable. 

From six to 12 months, subtle refinements occur as facial tissues settle. You can look forward to a natural appearance by the one-year mark.

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