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Rhinoplasty vs. Septoplasty: What's the Difference in Nasal Surgery?

Rhinoplasty vs. Septoplasty: What’s the Difference in Nasal Surgery?

The term nose job is often used to loosely identify a cosmetic procedure that involves reshaping the nose. However, this broad term could refer to either a rhinoplasty or a septoplasty, as both of these procedures address issues with the nose.

So what’s the difference between a rhinoplasty vs. septoplasty? Here’s what you need to know.

Rhinoplasty vs. Septoplasty: What’s the Difference?

In simplest terms, a rhinoplasty addresses the external appearance of the nose while a septoplasty fixes internal issues with the septum, which is the cartilage and bone that divides your nose into two sides. Both can have a drastic effect on the look and function of the nose.

This type of nose job is used to change the outward appearance, shape, and size of the nose. It can address common problems like a ball at the tip of the nose, a hump at the bridge of the nose, and nostril size. When performed by a skilled surgeon, a rhinoplasty can bring harmony and balance to the face.

A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that isn’t covered by insurance.

On the other hand, a septoplasty addresses problems with the septum. If there’s too much cartilage in the area or if the thin bone isn’t straight, it can cause a condition known as deviated septum. This can cause sleep apnea, snoring, difficulty breathing, constant nasal stuffiness, and headaches.

A septoplasty is often considered to be medically necessary, in which case it should be covered partially or in full by insurance. In some instances, a surgeon may perform a septoplasty while also performing a rhinoplasty.

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