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Eyelid Surgery Recovery Recommendations

Top Eyelid Surgery Recovery Recommendations

Like many women and men considering eyelid surgery, you are keen on rejuvenating your eyes for a more youthful and refreshed appearance. However, the key to achieving best results begins with the recovery process. Read on to discover five eyelid surgery recovery recommendations to ensure a smooth post-operative period.

5 Top Eyelid Surgery Recovery Recommendations

1. Follow Your Surgeon’s Aftercare Plan to the Letter

Your surgeon will craft a personalized aftercare plan for you, tailored to your specific procedure and individual health. It may include instructions for medication, eye drops, and how to care for the incision areas.

Follow these diligently, and if any concerns arise, always communicate with your surgeon.

2. Rest and Allow Your Body to Heal

Eyelid surgery is not a procedure to recover from while maintaining your regular schedule. Your body needs time to heal, and rest is crucial.

As such, it’s important to avoid strenuous activities, including heavy lifting and rigorous exercise, which can raise your blood pressure and lead to complications. Relaxation and light walking are encouraged, but be mindful of overexertion.

3. Manage Discomfort Smartly

Another one of our top eyelid surgery recovery recommendations has to do with post-operative pain management.

Pain and discomfort after blepharoplasty can vary from patient to patient. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication or recommend over-the-counter options. Take these as directed, even if you feel like you can do without them.

Managing discomfort will not only keep you more comfortable but will also reduce stress on your body as it heals.

4. Keep Your Head Elevated

After your eyelid surgery, keeping your head elevated, even when sleeping, helps to reduce swelling.

We also suggest using extra pillows to prop your head up at an angle or consider sleeping in a recliner.

Keep in mind that minimizing swelling not only speeds up the recovery process but also aids in achieving the best aesthetic outcomes.

5. Be Patient with the Results

While it’s normal to be eager to see the final results, understand that the healing process takes time.

Typically, bruises resolve within two weeks, and swelling can take several weeks to subside fully. Be patient and remember that good things come to those who wait—and recover properly.

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