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Revision Rhinoplasty in Chantilly

Revision Rhinoplasty in Chantilly, Virginia: Who Is a Good Candidate?

Not everyone is eligible for this complex procedure, which should only be performed by a qualified surgeon.

There are multiple factors that make it a challenging surgery, such as complications from the previous procedure, altered anatomy, and scar tissue in the area.

So, who qualifies for revision rhinoplasty in Chantilly, Virginia, also known as a secondary rhinoplasty?

To Be Eligible for This Procedure, You Need to Meet the Following Minimum Requirements

Your surgeon may have additional stipulations to be a candidate for revision rhinoplasty in Chantilly, Virginia. In general, you should meet at least one of the following:

  • You are unsatisfied with the aesthetic outcome of a cosmetic procedure because of issues such as nostrils that are turned up, a pinched tip, creases around the nose, and / or a scooped out profile.
  • You are experiencing dysfunction from your initial procedure resulting in breathing difficulties.
  • You have experienced an injury or other type of trauma after your first surgery that has affected your initial results.

Because of the risk of complications from this surgical procedure, your doctor will conduct a thorough health history review, discuss your expectations, perform a physical exam, and determine the risks specific to your procedure before determining whether you should proceed.

Be sure the surgeon you choose is a board-certified plastic and / or cosmetic surgeon with experience specifically in revision rhinoplasty.

For Remarkable Results From Revision Rhinoplasty in Chantilly, Virginia, Turn to Dr. Jae Kim in Nearby Fairfax

You don’t have to live with undesirable results from a failed first surgery – you can achieve the look and function you desire through revision rhinoplasty. For the top surgeon in Northern Virginia, choose the skilled hands of Dr. Jae Kim.

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