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What to Expect at Your Asian Eyelid Consultation virginia

What to Expect at Your Asian Eyelid Consultation

From the desk of Dr. Jae Kim

When deciding on a surgeon for your Asian eyelid surgery, what do you look for? How do you want the surgeon and office to make you feel? It is very important to me that you feel and know that I am listening to you – your goals, concerns, and motivations for pursuing Asian eyelid surgery. Often my Asian patients’ concerns are different from my Caucasian patients’ concerns. I realize this because I meet and perform double eyelid surgery for Asian patients regularly. My experience in understanding what your goals are goes hand in hand with understanding how to perform your surgery for the best result. If you are interested in Asian eyelid surgery, call or text our office at (703) 705-2100 for your consultation.

I understand that the appearance of your eyes is very important. They are often the first thing people see, and making eye contact with others is a vital part of how you communicate. You want your eyes to shine bright. That is why I make every effort to listen closely to what bothers you about your eyelids. We discuss what kind of improvement you would like so that your eyes convey beauty, health, and confidence.

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What to Expect at Your Asian Eyelid ConsultationWhen you decide to schedule a consultation, my staff will allow for ample time so that we can address your questions and concerns regarding the surgery and aftercare. When you come to the office for your initial consultation, I meet with you first in the photo room, which I fondly call the smile room. We talk about your concerns and goals. I take some pictures, and we continue the conversation in the consultation room using your photos. I find that talking about concerns and goals while looking at patients’ photos makes them feel more understood.

We look through some before and after pictures of some of my surgical patients. By seeing these pictures, you can better understand the finer details of the recovery process on the way to the desired cosmetic result. The more you know what to expect, the smoother the recovery process will feel. We can also get a better idea of how you would like your final result to look.

One important question I ask is whether you want a crease that is tapered or parallel. A tapered crease meets the inner corner of your eye, while a parallel crease does not. One may be more suitable for your overall facial appearance, but ultimately it is a personal preference. Some patients also ask for a more rounded crease or a little upward flare toward the outer corner. We simulate your crease in front of a mirror to see what you would like.

It is not uncommon for patients to say that one eye looks smaller than the other. Sometimes it is due to a droopy eyelid, a condition called ptosis that often occurs with absent or ill-defined eyelid creases. I correct this issue often during double eyelid surgery.

Choosing your Asian eyelid surgeon is a big decision. I hope that this blog, as well as the other information on this website, will help you feel more informed and confident in your choice. Call or text our office at (703) 705-2100 for your consultation, and I look forward to meeting with you!