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Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

Is Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Right For Me?

What is Asian double eyelid surgery?

If you are of Asian descent, you probably have heard about double eyelid surgery or know someone who had it done, maybe even abroad. Why do people want it? About half of Asian people do not have an eyelid crease, also known as double eyelid. When there is no crease, your eyes look smaller and your eyelashes look more crowded. When there is a crease and your eyelid platform shows, your eyes look bigger.

Will I look less Asian after double eyelid surgery?

This issue is one many patients ask about. A few patients want to look “more Westernized,” but the vast majority still want their eyes to represent their Asian roots. One of the main differences between Asian and non-Asian eyelid surgery is the placement of the incision and crease. For my Asian patients, I always place the incision lower, closer to the lash line, than for my non-Asian patients to make a small but appropriate amount of eyelid show. That helps to complement the overall Asian appearance of your face.

Parallel or Tapered Crease – Which one is for me?

The vast majority of non-Asian people have parallel eyelid creases, where the crease does not meet the inner corner of the eye. Among Asian people who have creases, some are parallel, but others are tapered, where the crease does meet the inner corner. When I see patients for consultation, I always ask which they would prefer. In some cases, a tapered crease may be more suitable for you, but in other cases, a parallel crease fits your overall facial appearance better. During the consultation, we will simulate both tapered and parallel creases and decide which one you like.

Will I be asleep for double eyelid surgery?

I perform surgery in the office with local anesthesia, so you are awake but comfortable. This is preferable because the opening and closing of your eyes must be carefully measured and observed during surgery, and you cannot open and close your eyes under general anesthesia. Pain during the procedure is minimal and very well tolerated.

What is recovery like?

Assign a trusted friend or family member to drive you home after surgery. Your eyes will feel heavy and swollen, especially the first few days. Pain is pretty minimal, and most patients need only Tylenol or ibuprofen for the next several days. Limit screen time to let your eyes rest. About one week later, the stitches along the incision will be removed. You can expect the bruising to fade over the next couple weeks. The duration of swelling varies but can persist for two to three months, especially if your eyes are prone to swelling due to allergies or other medical issues.

How can I learn more and sign up?

The decision to undergo double eyelid surgery is a very personal one, so talk to Dr. Jae Kim, an experienced facial plastic surgeon specializing in double eyelid surgery. Call or text the office today at (703) 705-2100 to schedule a consultation. Trust Dr. Jae Kim to let your beautiful eyes shine!