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Jae Kim, MD

You Are Beautiful Podcast | Integrative Healthcare Tips for Your Beauty Journey

What does Integrative Healthcare and Beauty have in common? Integrative approach allows for better clinical outcomes, and this applies to your health as well as your beauty. How much more can you appreciate and express your beauty when you are healthy?

Many people go from doctor to doctor, follow recommendations and still don’t feel better… Most of them don’t even know what Integrative Healthcare is. It’s a comprehensive approach to health that combines the conventional medicine with complimentary medicine in a coordinated way. It offers holistic strategies with a much broader range of treatment options to get the best clinical outcomes.

On your beauty journey, you may need different treatments, suggestions, and points of view. You may want to consider combining conventional medicine with complementary treatments in a coordinated way to achieve your desired goal. Remember that being healthy is part of the beauty equation!

It’s 2024, and more people start talking about Integrative approach, but not many know how to actually practice and access INTEGRATIVE HEALTHCARE. That’s why today we are sharing practical tips and strategies you can apply to achieve your goals.