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3 Reasons You Need the Best Asian Eye Surgeon in Virginia

3 Reasons You Need the Best Asian Eye Surgeon in Virginia

Asian plastic surgery has in recent years taken off and become incredibly popular, especially Asian plastic surgery for eyes.

If you want it done right, you need the best Asian eye surgeon in Virginia. Here’s why!

  • Asian Plastic Surgery Is Vastly Different Than Plastic Surgery for Caucasians

Generally, the requests for Asian plastic surgery come with different goals and expectations than it does for Caucasians. These requests come from a different place too. This is especially true about eye surgery.

In fact, did you know that it isn’t uncommon in China for employers to list aesthetic requirements for a job? Unfortunately, that pressure to be attractive has traveled all the way to the US.

Studies have shown that Asians are less likely to be promoted or given management positions in this country. While entirely unfair, Asians can be discriminated against if they don’t “Westernize” their appearance.

  • Asian Eye Surgeons Understand Specific Anatomy

Asian eyelids tend to be thicker with more skin and fat than other ethnicities. The levator muscle in the eye is also smaller than what is found in Caucasian eyelids. The Best Asian eye surgeon in Virginia is more experienced and has a better understanding of Asian anatomy.

  • Choosing an Asian Eye Surgeon Means a Better Outcome

There are three different crease options for Asian eye surgery.

  • Infold: Often used on younger Asian patients, this isa more subtle change to the eyelids.
  • In-Out Fold: This type of crease and height is made from the inner eye corner and provides a natural appearance.
  • Outfold: This type of Asian eye surgery is chosen by those who wish to have a more dramatic final result.

These options are also different heights. Choosing an Asian eye surgeon means you’ll have someone you can trust to understand exactly the outcome you hope to achieve, and they’ll know precisely how to do it.

Where Should I Go to Find the Best Asian Eye Surgeon in Virginia?

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