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Can Upper Eyelid Surgery Actually Make My Eyes Bigger?

Regardless of your culture or background, bigger eyes appear more awake, attractive, youthful, and vibrant. When you have extra skin drooping down over your eyes, you can look tired, even though you are not. The more your eyelids show, the larger and brighter your eyes look!

The amount of eyelid show you have is determined by the amount of skin as well as features of your eyelid crease. If you have a single clean crease, the muscle that opens your eyes, called the levator, acts as a curtain which is firmly attached to the skin at the level of the crease. When you open your eyes, the curtain of your eyelid pulls the same way every time. When you have several less-defined creases or none at all, that levator muscle attachment is weak or absent, making the curtain pull less predictable. This is more common in Asian patients. Double eyelid surgery involves making a new attachment between the levator and the eyelid skin so that a single clean crease is made every time you open your eyes. This is the procedure that Dr. Kim’s patients request the most!

What about actual droopy eyes?

When this levator muscle is weak, thin, or detached, it can result in a droopy look, or ptosis, and the eye opening is actually smaller. The difference can be just a few millimeters from side to side, and it may become more noticeable over time. More than a few patients have come to me with this issue, saying that it was not there a few years before. Sometimes ptosis can be a result of another medical condition, but in isolated cases, Dr. Kim can correct ptosis at the same time as making the double eyelid crease.

What about almond shape?

In many Asian people, there is a web of skin covering the inner corner of the eye called the epicanthal fold. It can make the eyes look shorter and rounded. The extent of the epicanthal fold is more often associated with a tapered crease than a parallel crease. (For more information on tapered vs parallel creases, check my other blog on Asian eyelid surgery.) By removing this web of skin and remodeling the inner corners, a parallel crease can appear more natural. A parallel crease can also be formed without changing the epicanthal region and appears very natural as well.

How do I sign up?

Dr. Jae Kim, an experienced facial plastic surgeon, can perform an upper eyelid lift in the office with just local anesthetic. Call or text Dr. Kim’s office today at (703) 705-2100 to schedule your consultation. He will personally examine your eyes and listen to your goals to help you achieve a wonderful bright change and help your eyes shine!