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Read This If You Want the Best Facial Plastic Surgery in Springfield

Read This If You Want the Best Facial Plastic Surgery in Springfield
What should be your first step if you want the best facial plastic surgery in Springfield? Whether you are interested in a deep plane facelift, a brow lift, or other rejuvenation procedure, you need to find a top-tier surgeon. Here’s how to begin your search!

Focus Your Search on Finding a Surgeon With the Right Credentials

What credentials make a qualified surgeon? What does board certification even mean? Let’s take a look.  Not all plastic surgeons are board certified. This is a voluntary process that indicates a very high level of achievement. It shows expertise and commitment in their field. Ideally, you find a surgeon who is certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  If you want the best facial plastic surgery in Springfield, be sure to verify their credentials through an online search. Additionally, you should conduct an interview and ask questions about their background, experience, and success rates. You can get recommendations from family, friends, or one of your healthcare professionals. You might find reviews and only support groups helpful too.

What Else Should I Do to Get the Best Facial Plastic Surgery in Springfield?

During your consultation, a tailored plan is created to meet your needs. The surgeon should give you instructions regarding preparation and post-operative care for your specific procedure. Follow them carefully!  You may be asked to stop taking blood thinning medications. Most surgeons recommend that you not smoke in the weeks leading up to your surgery, as tobacco interferes with your body’s healing process. It is likely you need to stop eating and drinking the night before. Dress comfortably the day of your procedure. Plan for someone to drive you home after surgery, and make arrangements for help during your recovery. 

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Dr. Kim is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience in both surgical and non-surgical procedures. To discover which of our elite services best suits your needs, call us at 703-782-3003 to request a consultation today!