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Your Quick Guide to Chin and Neck Lift Cost in Northern Virginia

Your Quick Guide to Chin and Neck Lift Cost in Northern Virginia

As you have gotten older, you may have noticed a bit of droopy skin around your jawline and on your neck.

Thankfully, there is something you can do about it! Keep reading to explore the chin and neck lift cost in Northern Virginia, and find out if this is the best choice for you!

Neck Lift 101: A Brief Overview of the Procedure

Before we look at the chin and neck lift cost in Northern Virginia, you should understand what surgery entails.

Also called a lower rhytidectomy, it is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing excess skin and fat, tightening underlying muscles, and recontouring the neck for a more youthful appearance. 

Incisions are typically made behind the ears and under the chin, allowing the surgeon to access and reshape the tissues. The procedure can also address neck bands and sagging jowls.

The surgery can take one to three hours. General anesthesia may be required, which means you need someone to drive you home afterward. Individual outcomes vary, but you can expect the results to last five to 15 years

How Much Does a Chin and Neck Lift Cost in Northern Virginia?

The average cost of a neck lift is $6,267, according to the most recent data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, but this does not include associated fees. The expertise of your surgeon, specific geographic location, medications, and other factors impact the final cost.

Is a Neck Lift the Right Choice for Me?

This is a great question to ask a reputable surgeon! If you are in overall good health, a non-smoker, have realistic expectations, and want to safely rid yourself of the “turkey neck” look, then you are likely a great candidate!

But to be sure, you need a provider to review your health history and evaluate your skin.

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