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When Can I Exercise After a Facelift?

When Can I Exercise After a Facelift?

If you are interested in undergoing a facelift, then it’s already clear that you prioritize looking and feeling your best. If working out is part of that goal, you may be wondering, “When can I exercise after a facelift?” Here’s what experts want you to know!

What Are the Dangers of Exercising Too Soon After a Facelift?

When your surgeon tells you to not rush into exercising after your facelift, there’s a good reason for it. Heed your post-procedure exercise guidelines and avoid strenuous workouts to prevent concerns such as:
  • Causing an infection
  • Delaying the healing process
  • Reopening incisions, disrupting healing
  • Worsening surgical side effects
Really, temporarily postponing exercise is a small price to pay for a beautiful, youthful face.

When Can I Exercise After a Facelift? What Can I Do During Recovery?

After any procedure, it’s recommended that you take some time  to rest and allow your body to recover. At the same time, you’re told to incorporate some activity to promote healing, which can be pretty confusing. For the first couple of days after your facelift, take it easy and relax. Stick with walking around the house for a few minutes every couple of hours. From week one to three, you can walk for extended periods of time and gradually increase the duration. Start doing easy chores and incorporating gentle yoga or stretching with your surgeon’s approval. After four weeks, you can likely begin more vigorous exercise such as jogging and light lifting, but again, after approval from your surgeon.

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