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8 Questions to Ask for the Best Brow Lift Results in Northern VA

8 Questions to Ask for the Best Brow Lift Results in Northern VA

One of the first facial areas to show signs of aging, the forehead is also an easy area to treat through cosmetic surgery.

The best brow lift results in Northern VA allow you to refresh your aesthetic, so your forehead appears more youthful.

To Ensure You Receive the Best Brow Lift Results in Northern VA, Ask These Questions During Your Consultation

Booking a consultation with a highly rated surgeon in your area is key to achieving your desired look. During this visit, you should ask the provider the following questions to help ensure you achieve the best brow lift results in Northern VA.

  1. Am I a good candidate for a brow lift?
  2. Can I see before / after photos of your actual patients to see the type of results you can achieve?
  3. Do you have certification through the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  4. How are complications handled if they arise?
  5. How many years of experience do you have with forehead lifts?
  6. What are your success rates for this procedure?
  7. What pre-op and post-procedure instructions do I need to follow for optimal results?
  8. Where will my procedure be performed? Is the facility properly licensed?

What From a Forehead / Brow Lift Results Should You Expect?

The great news is that you should see improvement right away. However, it does take a few months to see the final results as initial swelling and bruising subside. To help maintain your results for as long as possible, be sure to minimize sun exposure and always wear sunscreen with a high SPF when outdoors.

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