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How to Find the Best Asian Eyelid Surgeon

Your eyes are vitally important to your facial beauty! On the one hand, they can tell people how healthy and vibrant you are. On the other hand, they can tell people that you are tired, angry, uninterested, or inattentive, even if you do not mean to look that way. If you are of Asian descent and do not have a double eyelid, your eyes appear smaller and are less likely to convey the positive. How can you bring out the best version of your eyes? Makeup can help, and so can eyelid tape or glue, however Asian double eyelid surgery is a great long-lasting option. If you are interested in Asian eyelid surgery, give us a call today to schedule your consultation: (703) 705-2100

Learn More About How to Find the Best Asian Eyelid Surgeon

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your surgeon:

Find someone who understands your concerns and goals. Some patients say, “I want to look more awake,” or “I have trouble applying eye makeup.” Whatever your goals are, tell them to your prospective surgeon. He/she should be familiar with these goals and will consider them when formulating your surgical plan.

Find someone whose credentials meet your standards. In the United States, there are formal fellowship training programs in facial plastic and oculoplastic surgery, which come after residencies in head and neck surgery and ophthalmology, respectively. These are the surgeons who have a narrow focus in their training, so they are more likely to learn and perform eyelid surgeries than physicians and surgeons in other specialties. Physicians who train in other programs through general surgery, oral surgery, dermatology, etc. can perform eyelid surgery as well, but they are also more likely to perform a variety of other procedures and/or surgeries.

Along these lines, find someone who performs Asian eyelid surgery often. In the United States, there are many surgeons who perform non-Asian eyelid surgery, but relatively few who perform Asian eyelid surgery on a regular basis. You do not want to be your surgeon’s first Asian eyelid surgery patient in a few months or a year; you want your surgeon to do at least a few a week.

Your surgeon should be comfortable with performing ptosis surgery. Oftentimes Asian patients have eyelid opening muscles that are weak, thin, or detached, leading to a smaller eye opening of one or both eyes. Correcting ptosis can go hand in hand with forming the double eyelid to achieve a great result.

Find someone who has before and after pictures of real patients to show you. These photos should be readily accessible on the surgeon’s website and social media feed, with more to show at the formal consultation.

How to Find the Best Asian Eyelid SurgeonFind someone who explains the recovery process. The more you know what to expect, the more you will feel at ease. One of the most common things patients say is that the swelling lasts longer than they expected, usually 6-8 weeks but sometimes longer. Swelling can be more noticeable on one side, but it usually evens out very well. Your surgeon’s office should be readily available to answer any questions you may have after surgery.

Find someone you connect with. The surgeon-patient relationship is very important, and if you are uncomfortable with your surgeon, there is a higher chance that you will not be satisfied with the experience.

Most importantly, do not rush the search process, and do not choose someone solely for the convenience or best price. Trust Dr. Jae Kim, an experienced and compassionate facial plastic surgeon, with your Asian upper eyelid surgery! Call or text (703) 705-2100 today to schedule your consultation and discuss your eyelid goals with Dr. Kim.