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Is It Safe to Go Swimming After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Is It Safe to Go Swimming After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Is it safe to go swimming after rhinoplasty surgery? Recovery is one of the most important parts of successful rhinoplasty, and you want to be sure to do what’s best.

Here’s what you need to know for safe and speedy healing when it comes to swimming after a nose job.

Why Is It Important to Be Mindful of Physical Activity After Rhinoplasty?

As a general rule, exercise is crucial for ensuring that you’re in good health. However, this changes after you have a surgical procedure done. Though it may come as a surprise, you should not engage in any exercise, even light movement like walking, for at least two to three weeks after your nose job.

During your initial healing, you’re susceptible to nosebleeds, swelling, and bruising. Physical activity can worsen all of these side effects by elevating your blood pressure and heart rate, ultimately delaying your rhinoplasty recovery and affecting your overall comfort.

Is It Safe to Go Swimming After Rhinoplasty Surgery? What Effect Does Water Have?

While standard exercise like running or lifting weights already increases your risk for heightened side effects or complications, swimming can be especially dangerous, which is why you’re advised to not submerge your post-op wounds.

Even in treated water that is otherwise safe, prolonged wetness and exposure to microorganisms can result in an infection. An infection delays your healing, so until your incision is fully closed and you have approval from your surgeon, avoid swimming.

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